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2019                                                              Per week


1st January to 17th April                                          975


18th April to 27th April                                          1300


28th April to 31st May                                           1000


1st June to 15th July                                               1100


16th July to 2nd September                                  1250


3rd September to 31st October                              965


1st November to 16th December                           930


17th December to 31st December                         1300



Pool and spa heating                                   $19  per day

   (recommended October to April)


Spa heating only                                             $7  per day

    (if hot spa is required in summer)




                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     $ US



2020                                                              Per week


1st January to 4th April                                          1000


5th April to 18th April                                             1500


19th April to 31 May                                                 1100


1st June to 15th July                                                1200


16th July to 31st August                                          1400


1st September to 15th October                               1000


16th October to 31st October                                  1100


1st November to 16th December                           1000


17th December to 31st December                          1400



Pool and spa heating                                   $20  per day

   (recommended October to April)


Spa heating only                                             $8  per day

    (if hot spa is required in summer)



Prices are quoted in US dollars. We can accept payment in US$ or GB£, and we will be happy to quote in £, based on the exchange rate prevailing at the time of the quote.

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